SchwartzReport: Truths … Supreme Court to Rule Lies are Legal?

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This is a perceptive essay that challenges orthodoxy, redefining who are the real villians. Another example of the point the essay makes is the comparison between Edward Snowden and the Bush Cheney necons. The one, who has killed no one, nor caused any deaths is considered a traitor, and the others whose actions led to the killing of hundreds of thousands are… what?

The Al Qaeda Switchboard

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Here is the clearest example I have yet seen at the Theocratic Right’s complete disdain for facts. Now the Supreme Court is going to decide whether deliberate lying is legal in public political statements about others. The decision ought to be obvious but, given the nature of the Roberts Court the outcome is not clear.

Supreme Court to Rule on Anti-choice Group’s Right to Lie In Ads
DAVID FERGUSON, Editor – The Raw Story

This is a very important essay on a trend that is going to change our world, in a very difficult way — The unholy alliance between Big Ag and Big Pharma that has created industrial animal husbandry and the overuse of antibiotics. This system is leading to the collapse of Western medicine with massive negative social implications. Once again we see profit for the few trump! ing wellness for the many. This story should be on the front page of every paper in the country, and a segment on every digital production. That it is not is an issue in itself.

Big Ag’s Big Lie: Factory Farms, Your Health and the New Politics of Antibiotics

This is very good news, although this is a rather snarky article. I am using it because it is the best one I have seen in terms of the basic facts. Quite predictably, but now validated with real data, we see a benefit arising from the end of Marijuana Prohibition in Colorado. It is going to save the state tens of millions of dollars and, long term considering incarceration billions. And! that to say nothing of the blatant racism inherent to Prohibition.

Marijuana Case Filings Plummet in Colorado Following Legalization
JOHN INGOLD – The Denver Post

Colorado and Washington have gotten most of the press, but it is Uruguay that has taken the biggest step, and that may ultimately influence the most people. Here’s the latest. If Uruguay successfully creates a post Prohibition economy and legal system, it will spread through South and Central America very quickly.

Managing Marijuana in Uruguay
INES ACOSTA – Inter Press Service

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