Semantria: A New Face For Text Analytics

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Semantria Home
Semantria Home

Semantria: A New Face For Text Analytics

Semantria applies Text and Sentiment Analysis to tweets, facebook posts, surveys, reviews or enterprise content.

A cloud based company that specializes in text analytics and sentiment analysis named Semantria has just released a new website. The design of the website emphasizes the different products and features Semantria has to offer. The entire process of getting up and running with either a free or paid Semantria account can now be done with 3 clicks.

Another cool feature is the ability to purchase text analytics software without talking to a salesperson. After registering with Semantria, you are automatically credited with 10,000 transactions for free. One transaction equals one tweet, one survey response, one Facebook comment; basically any one passage of text. Now when you run out of credits, you can simply login to the Semantria website and buy more.

Due to the nature of this technology, things can be complicated. Getting help with support and tutorial is made more seamless, as well as additional documentation has been made available. The goal of the new website was to make it easy to navigate.

Get up and running in minutes, no credit card required!

Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

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