Ed Jewett: False Flag Enablers – Hyper Realistic Wound Simulation with “The Magic of Hollywood”

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Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) provides Hyper-Realistic™ training environments for military, law enforcement and other organizations, using state-of-the-art movie industry special effects, role players, proprietary techniques, training scenarios, facilities, mobile structures, sets, props, and equipment.

Since 2002 STOPS has provided pre-deployment training support to more than 750,000 military personnel (and still counting, every day) using our STOPS created Hyper-Realistic™ environments. STOPS is part of Stu Segall Productions, one of the largest independent TV / movie studios in the country.

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Yoda: Crowdsourcer.io

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Crowdsourcer.io is an alternative crowd sourcing platform that allows developers and designers alike to create or join in on software related projects, build up their contribution and earn an income from the final product. Think of Crowdsourcer.io as something between open source software creation and Kickstarter start ups, a new crowd sourcing alternative, in its purest form.

Stephen E. Arnold: New Book, Dark Web Notebook, For Official Use Only

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The book is $49 (gov/mil) and verified contractors (com, org). It can only be ordered via darkwebnotebook@yandex.com. The book is, at this time, not available to anyone outside the LE, intel, and security community. I will verify each purchase because the book equips a smart 15 year old to set up a Dark Web business and possibly engage in unlawful activities with less than one hour’s work with a false identity and a means to purchase digital currency. Direct orders only. No Amazon because I cannot vet the purchasers. A person who works at Booz, Allen or similar company will have to pay $199. Work email required.

The Web info page is at www.xenky.com/darkwebnotebook.

Stephen E. Arnold: Creative Commons Free Image Search

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Stephen E. Arnold

Creative Commons Eludes Copyright With Free Image Search

The brand new Creative Commons search engine is something the Internet has waited for:

The Creative Commons search engine gives you access to over nine million images drawn from 500px, Flickr, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New York Public Library and the Rijksmuseum. You can search through all or any combination of these collections. You can also constrain your search to titles, creators, tags or any combination of the three. Finally, you can limit your search to images that you can modify, adapt or build upon as you see fit, or that are free to use for commercial purposes.

Nik Peachey: IO Tool NowComment – Scalable Online Conversations Centered on Documents

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Nik Peachey
Nik Peachey

A great tool for creating online discussion around documents.

NowComment makes it easy to have rich, engaging discussions of online documents no matter how large (or small) your class or collaboration group.

  • NowComment is fast, powerful, and feature-rich: you can sort comments, skim summaries, create assignments, hide comments, reply privately, and much more
  • It’s free, a project of public interest group Fairness.com LLC. Take 60 seconds to get an account now!

Stephen E. Arnold: Tool – Reverse Image Search

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Reverse Image Searching Is Easier Than You Think

Now the technology has improved, but very few people actually know how to use it.  ZDNet explains how to use this search feature in the article, “Reverse Image Searching Made Easy…”. It explains that Google and TinEye are the best way to begin reverse image search. Google has the larger image database, but TinEye has the better photo experts.  TinEye is better because:

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