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Stephen E. Arnold

Free White Paper on Free Visual Tools

We recently found a free white paper on free visual tools that can present your information in a free-flowing form. These visual tools offer a way to spice up information presentation. The article, “Guide comparatif des outils gratuits de cartographie de l’information” located at Les Infostrateges summarizes a white paper about five inventive ways to display information.

For our non-French speaking readers, the title roughly translates to “Comparative Guide On Free Mapping Information Tools.” The white paper is located here and like the press release it is in French, but thanks to Google translate (forgive the awkward wording) we can tell you it provides insights into mapping information:

“Mind mapping is an intuitive tool, easy to use: one can find information akin to an exploratory journey in a given field of knowledge. Indeed, the fields of application of the mapping are many and varied. Ease of design heuristics patterns as their plasticity are also an asset in an educational process of knowledge transfer: the graph as illustration facilitate the appropriation of messages.”

Five information mapping tools are described:

FreeMind-a free mapping software with a 1960s peace and love approach to information mapping.

XMind-a more professional tool supposed to help guide your brainstorming.

Mindomo-comes off as more of a start-up and it costs money, so not exactly free.

Mind42-takes the social media approach and is like Reddit for mind mapping.
SpicyNodes-Unlike the others the maps move on this one.

It is surprising that mind mapping has not caught on with the social media world. It could easily be developed into an app for people to connect their related interests and ideas in a large social network. Pictures and short comments could be uploaded. It would be like a combination of Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Whitney Grace, January 03, 2013

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