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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

WikiSummarizer Makes Charts Fun Again

Instead of having to read an entire Wikipedia entry or Web site, there is a neat Web tool that aggregates all of the information and displays it in a neat, interactive chart. The WebSummarizer was developed by Context Discovery Inc. to create summaries from Web pages, documents, and plain text. The tool sifts through the information on a Web site and pulls out the most relevant and important information, and then displays it as a visual summary with interactive content maps. Users can download the selected information and export it to a variety of programs such as content managers, databases, and word processes.

Along with the WebSummarizer is a WikiSummarizer that uses the same software to summarize Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is a vast resource and the entries are more in-depth than a typical encyclopedia or book can provide. It boils down to more reading time, but WikiSummarizer highlights all of the essential information and saves time.

Both summarizing tools offer the following features:

1. “Summarize web pages, documents and plain text to convert long content into essential interactive structured outlines and Visual Summaries

2. Download the summaries as structured text to speed up your research, publishing, learning and blog writing

3. Download the summaries as Visual Summaries – “A picture is worth a thousand words”- to enable absorbing large amounts of information quicker

4. Download the summaries as mind maps to wide range of your favorite mind mapping application

5. Take notes – quickly collect topics and sentences from all contextually relevant sources such as websites, documents and Wikipedia Knowledge Base

6. Speed-up reading by condensing each article to the essential keywords and contextual summaries

7. Make a long story short – the summaries headline most important sentences and the relationships between topics giving instant information capsules”

It is a lark to play around with the chart functions and displaying the information in different ways. Each option reveals new facts and is almost as fun as playing six degrees of Wikipedia. Be aware that all of the summaries are automated, so it is wise to review the information before extensive use.

Whitney Grace, January 04, 2014

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