2014-02-24 Open Source Everything Daily 1300 East


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IADB Circles

Autonomous Internet.

Crowd Funding. Pick of the crowd

Crowd Sourcing.

Liberation Technology. Review: What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly (2010)

Open Access. Netflix to Pay Comcast for Faster Access in Potential Threat to Net Neutrality

Open Architecture. Imagination’s PowerVR Rogue Architecture Explored

OpenBTS. Range Networks Shortlisted for Two Global Mobile Awards

Open Budget.

Open Cloud. IBM to Acquire Cloudant: Open, Cloud Database Service Helps Organizations Simplify Mobile, Web App and Big Data Development

Open Coalition.

Open Content. The Future Of Online Education

Open Culture. Enjoy a Bluegrass Performance of Elton John’s 1972 Hit, “Rocket Man”

Open Data. Coders Interpret Burlington’s Open Data

Open Democracy.

Open Design.

Open Ecology.

Open Education. In search of a flexible, open education management system

Open Election.

Open Electronics.

Open Environment.

OpenFlow. Corsa Technology introduces first native OpenFlow™ Data Planes

Open Government. Tulsa computer experts create new civic innovations, apps using city’s open government data

Open Hardware. How We Learned to Built Hardware, the Agile way

Open Innovation. Somersault films Open Innovation Summit at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst

Open Knowledge. The Decision-Making Edge of Social Business

Open Manufacturing.

Open Materials.

Open Media. Boston’s High Income Inequality Ranking Is a Challenge for Mayor Walsh

Open Meetings. EDITORIAL: Bill would help open Alabama public meetings


Open Money. Facebook Stock Not So Different Than Bitcoin

Open Network. Will open source SDNs provide relief?

Open Politics.

Open Records. Oklahoma’s private prisons operate in secrecy, advocacy group says

Open Religion.

Open Repositories.

Open Science. In Stunning Win For Open Science, Johnson & Johnson Decides To Release Its Clinical Trial Data To Researchers

Open Security.

Open Software. Wind River Unveils Industry’s First Commercial Carrier Grade Platform for NFV

Open Spectrum. Lobby Fight to Decide If Airwaves Talk to Cars or People

Open Standards. Stand up for Open Standards – and ODF

Open Textbooks. Free MIT Textbooks

True Cost. The True Cost Of Supporting Banks That Are Too Big To Fail




THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust (2012)

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