Anthony Judge: Encycling Problematic Wickedness for Potential Humanity

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Encycling Problematic Wickedness for Potential Humanity

Imagining a future Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Learnings from the past?
Requisite craziness?
Problems, problematique and wickedness?
Ensuring identity through property and possession?
Global “world”, or requisite topology of higher dimensionality?
Human potential vs. Potential humanity?
Encycling rather than Encyclopedia: dynamic vs. static?
Questing for an imaginal episystemic container: embodying self-reflexivity?
Mankind 2000 and Union of International Associations — “reloaded”?
Engendering engaging manageable “content”?
Encycling Problematic Wickedness and Potential Humanity?