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Cultural Intelligence
Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller

Y Worlds is an exploratory initiative, in the Buckminster Fuller tradition, led by Alan Yelsey, co-creator of Machine Dreams and Lumi Mobile.

Visual Y

Visual Y is our system of knowledge visualization. Visual Y consists of:

  • a systemic computer based hardware and software architecture capable of running large scale, interactive, real time, generative modeling worlds via a web browser
  • a generative engine capable of supporting coders, designers, editors and end users
  • an immersive visual approach to generative programming that enables a pattern builder to use design tools to craft the desired multivariate pattern in real time onscreen. The implemented patterns, static or dynamic, then automatically generate sets and subsets of code segments that are stored and tagged in a knowledge/code model. The code is the database or references a database table. A pattern time sequence is not a stored movie.  It is a real time browser based code set launched through interactive controls.
We think that for any topic there are fixed families of known variables that must be considered for a comprehensive understanding of that topic. Those known variables at the highest planes of understanding form foundation models – portal maps. Read more.


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Map Makers

Map Makers are the people of the world who express knowledge and information, interpretation and context, art and science.

They are Visualizers. Generative Coders. Geographic Painters.
Spatial Choreographers. Illustrators and Model Builders. Database Processors. Pattern Makers.

They think of boxes outside the box. They give us perspectives and interactive choices. If the world is about dimensional exchanges of matter and energy, Map Makers give us space and time, and the essential patterns of meaning. Read more.


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I Believe

The thing about beliefs is that they are formed by a combination of hereditary programming, life experiences and the interactions among the conscious, subconscious and corporal functions of our mind. They are influenced by the context of the moment. Consciously expressed beliefs may not be consistent with subconscious beliefs. Two major graphics. Read more.


We believe that every attempt to embrace complexity faces the SLANT of languages and inherited knowledge that were not built for that purpose. At Y Worlds, we believe the people of the world need a far better way to handle complexity than the toolset and education we grew up with.

We need a dynamic visual language that communicates systems
We need a set of high-level principles for stability
We need a toolset that is designed to meet bold new objectives
We need a universality that transcends barriers of language and education and resources
We need to push away from the endless conversations and spinnings of wheels

Instead let’s found a cooperative exchange that unites, enlightens, and empowers. Two graphics.


We view ourselves and our world through models. Representations.

Models are in our mind.

Models are visual and auditory references.

Words are models.
Maps are models.
The periodic table of the elements is a model.
The Maslow hierarchy is a model.
The sound of our car engine is a model.

There are very few universal models – models we all know, share and use.

We believe semiotics – forms of representational models – can have a profound impact on how we approach Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Our concept of models is not limited to fixed boring geometric shapes. Gaming, animation and music all can be crafted to provide incredibly powerful representational experiences – the convergence of ART + SCIENCE.

Here is a family of models we have constructed. We have a connective tissue that places each model into a systemic ontology of everything. We believe in the richness of models. We believe in trying to have a schema to organize semiotics but not to control them. Semiotics is the next frontier in Computer Aided Life.

Two graphics.

Being Conscious

All of us have a secret self –thousands of private thoughts and feelings, our millions of daily functions and our unique sense of being.

We are a self-assembled organism. We are the embodiment of a long generative chain of ancestral matter, energy and programming. We are the product of our genetic heritage and code, the material that makes us, and our life experience. And when we are born, we continue the generative process within.

Here is a simple way to represent our complex selves.

Our Corporal being runs on its own most of the time. From nano to macro, everything in our body is programmed. Even the billions of microbes living on and within us are programmed.
And much of that programming is systemic, meaning what happens is the result of interactions and not just the result of isolated programming acting on isolated matter and energy.

Our Subconscious processes what is going on within and about, below the surface of our Consciousness. We might be feeling kind of tired today, but until we bring that feeling to Conscious awareness, that tired feeling rides below the surface of complete awareness. Our priorities, biases, needs and desires can live in our Subconscious and never see the light of Conscious recognition.

Remember, this is a representation of ourselves – not the way our being actually does its job. We are our corporal being. But representing conscious and subconscious as distinct model elements lets us into the complexities of the processing of our brain and being, and every relationship we will have with ourselves and the world around us.

And our Conscious self, the part of us that we are aware of by definition, floats in and out when called upon to make decisions or process something that rises above the noise of the body and background. We think the Conscious is what happens when an ant comes to a Y in the road and must choose left or right without any significant pre-programming or clues to choose. Read more.

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