COUNTRIES: Week Ending 2014-02-22


01 Brazil

Brazil’s coffee belt grapples with rare threat: dry heat

02 China

It’s official: China overtakes India as top consumer of gold

03 Cuba

Majority Want Normal Relations with Cuba

04 Ecuador

Chevron’s own lawyers jeopardize fate of Chevron-Ecuador RICO lawsuit

05 India

India to follow new OECD standard to combat black money

06 Indonesia

Troubled Waters: Indonesia’s Growing Maritime Disputes

07 Iran

 Official: Iran 3rd Biggest Helicopter Power in World

08 Nigeria

Nigeria’s Industrial Revolution Plan

09 Russia

Kazakhstan’s currency devalued 19%, as Russia’s ruble slides. Who’s next?

10 South Africa

The future of the workers’ movement in South Africa

11 Turkey

Turkey economic model faltering

12 Veneuzela

Destabilizing Venezuela Continues

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