EVENT: 1 JUN 14 CALL FOR PAPERS Journal of Intelligence Analysis – 2014 Issue on Intelligence Canaries: Applications in Strategic Early Warning – Towards a New Intelligence Analysis Paradigm


CALL FOR PAPERS from the Journal of Intelligence Analysis for its Fall 2014 Issue on Intelligence Canaries: Applications in Strategic Early Warning – Towards a New Intelligence Analysis Paradigm*. Guest editor: Robert C. Fahlman, O.O.M.; Director General, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Criminal Intelligence (Retired).

The predominant analytical methodologies, applications and tools employed across the analytical community today are designed for a static, hierarchical environment and are best suited to either historical or current threat-risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Is this paradigm out of sync with the current realities of the 21st Century, characterized by the twin forces of complexity and an ever-changing environment and, at times, complete chaos?

This special issue of the Journal of Intelligence Analysis will explore the relatively new intelligence analysis paradigm that has a focus on strategic early warning – the  intelligence canaries employed across the spectrum of intelligence disciplines: law enforcement, military, national security, environment and competitive (business) intelligence. Understanding and anticipating emerging threats, to prevent surprise and implement mitigation strategies before the event fully manifests itself – early warning  – is the ultimate goal of early warning analysis. The advancement of new pattern discovery technologies, aided by sophisticated sense-making tools, visualization software and collaborative networks provide the foundation for the realization of this new intelligence analysis paradigm. Manuscripts from intelligence analysts, intelligence officers and managers of early warning units from across all intelligence disciplines are cordially invited. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and the resulting Journal of Intelligence Analysis will be available not only to IALEIA members, but to others through partnership  activities. Book reviews on early warning are also welcome. Call for Submissions:  Articles must be submitted byJune 1, 2014.  If you or your agency is interested in learning more about this special focus issue of the Journal of Intelligence Analysis, or would like to submit a paper to the editorial board, please contact Robert Fahlman: robert.fahlman@rogers.blackberry.net  General enquiries may be forwarded to Journal@ialeia.org.

Phi Beta Iota: We are pleased to have IALEA focus on what Jack Davis and a few others have been saying, in published works, since 1989 (25 years ago).

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