Marcus Aurelius: Injectible Micro-Sponges Seal Gunsot Wound in 15 Seconds – Now is DoD Could Just Learn How to Deal with Wounded Warriors After the Fact….

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Incredible-Yet-Simple Invention Can Seal a Gunshot Wound in 15 Seconds – What It Could Mean for Soldiers

While the U.S. Defense Department is taking bold steps to embrace the latest technology in nearly every operational specialty, it might be the simplicity of a kitchen sponge that saves hundreds of lives every year.

The new battlefield gadget is called X-STAT, and it uses a novel twist on simple science, offering a different way to treat deep gun shot wounds that have plagued military medics for years.

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Phi Beta Iota: DoD knows how to spend money on contractors and technology. It sucks at thinking and dealing with humans and it is particularly reprehensible in consistly violationg the post-casualty expectations of its loyal citizen-soliders and their families.

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