Michael Ostrolenk: Joe Trippi on How Technology is Killing Crony Capitalism and How a Libertarian President Looms Large

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Michael Ostrolenk
Michael Ostrolenk

Joe Trippi: Technology is killing cronies, and there will be a libertarian president. And sooner than you think. (Video)

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Trippi is an old time Democratic consultant who is very smart and his analysis here is interesting. This is a video well worth watching for those who care about the massive political changes going on right now especially on the so called American “Right.” He sees the libertarian movement as perhaps the most important movement in American politics and a movement which will change (and is changing) the political landscape.

He, in my estimation makes a mistake however early in the interview and it is one I see with my liberal friends often. He argues that the “libertarians” and the Tea Party are distinct groups. I think this is wrong. There is much cross pollination. In fact I would say that the heart of the Tea Party is libertarian. The Tea Party is the Taxed Enough Already party. That is fundamentally libertarian. And people forget that Ron Paul founded the Tea Party.

Liberals always focus on the perceived socially conservative elements within the Tea Party, and though those elements exist they are less and less important with each passing year. I see the Tea Party as increasingly classically liberal, especially as people educate themselves about the Constitution and about what “small government” actually means.

That aside Trippi’s take on how technology is changing business and politics is right on.

QUOTE: “I don't see Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton having a fight on the NSA.”

QUOTE: “The Internet is going to wipe out both parties, eventually.”

General observations: legalization of drugs, radical cuts across national security, prison complexes, wide variety of issues that are not being addressed by either of the two parties that control power. There is plenty of room for a third way, and trying to mount an insurration within either of the established parties is destined for failure. There will be an independent president. The two parties exist because they were the only way to create platforms, raise money, and get out the vote. That is no longer the case. Ross Perot did not have the Internet – he was in the lead. Had he had the Internet it would have been a completely different game.

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