SchwartzReport: Solar Employs, Nuclear & Oil Destroy

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Here is what I consider to be excellent news. As opposed to the Keystone pipeline which will create a few thousand jobs in the construction phase but only 35 — yes count’em — 35 jobs on an ongoing basis, solar is creating thousands of jobs, and will for decades to come.

Need Jobs? US Solar Industry Provides Employment for More People Than Coal and Oil Combined
CHRISTINE SARICH – Nation of Change

Welcome to the future, its already here. Solar employs and nuclear destroys; we have ample evidence of that now, and with the annual U.S. solar jobs census we now have proof that solar power isn’t just providing energy, without destroying our oceans and contaminating the earth and air with strontium, caesium and barium, among other chemicals, it is providing more than 143,000 Americans a paycheck.

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