Ted Shulman: Ganib Open Source Organization and Collaboration Tool

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Ted Schulman
Ted Schulman

Among its functions, all free:

GET STARTED. Import MS project files and edit them online. Copy paste from spreadsheets. Manage advanced tasks with dependencies, constraints, Gantt chart views.

TIMESHEET. Know your team members daily billed hrs for the month. Filter them by account or project you are interested in for billing, invoicing or meeting purpose.

ganibPLAN AND MANAGE. Manage tasks in project, group by user, iteration, completion, work-on, etc. Intuitive & easy to change task dates, dependencies, deadlines, assign to anyone for specific hrs/day

GTRACK. gTrack: Desktop app used to capture work hours. Record screenshots, keyboard activity & update Ganib with progress in Real-Time.

DASHBOARDS. Know your project progress and status: Work done today, this week, this month and all time for all projects in your portfolio.

LISTS ON THE FLY. Automate all your existing paper processes. Create pages to capture any type to share as well as manage.

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