2014-03-04 Global Reality Daily


We’re playing around. None of the RSS / curation offerings are satisfactory. As a side note: the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) is Top Secret Limited Distribution and costs roughly 219 million dollars a day and is seen by very few. This daily is free and open to all. Below is a simple Global Reality matrix. The US Government obsesses on the two red dots.

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01 Poverty. ‘Poverty dehumanizes millions of Pinoys’

02 Infectious Disease. Global Partnership To Fight Infectious Disease Launched

03 Environmental Degradation. Court will decide future of Tahoe development

04 Inter-State Conflict. Avoid War, Cold Or Hot, With Russia Over Ukraine: Finding A Way Back From The Catastrophic Brink

05 Civil War.

06 Genocide. Croatia accuses Serbia of genocide at UN court

07 Other Atrocities. US war in Afghanistan about ‘domination’: Analyst

08 Proliferation. UN watchdog: Iran complying with nuclear deal, but much work remains

09 Terrorism. Dialogue, terrorism cannot go side by side: Saad

10 Transnational Crime. Japan finance minister: Gathering facts on bitcoin, unsure whether crime involved


01 Agriculture. Conventional agriculture winning some, losing some in culture war

02 Diplomacy. Economic Diplomacy as Public Diplomacy

03 Economy. Economy Hits Dems, GOP “Out of Touch” – Pushing Anti-Incumbency to a 25-Year High

04 Education. Brandman University Selected as Vendor for Workforce Innovation Fund

05 Energy. Not my idea of safe clean energy future

06 Family.

07 Health. Public health in mind, government drives ahead with cleaner gas rule, but gas costs could rise

08 Immigration. Immigration law dispute likely over as SC, ACLU submit agreement over remaining provisions

09 Justice. Justice nears – finally – for real estate fraud victims

10 Security. Cisco Launches Internet of Things Security Challenge

11 Society. Array Interactive Joins Global Society for Digital Marketing Innovators

12 Water. Mexico’s Water Solution Could Be A Problem For Dr. Pepper Snapple


01 Brazil. Brazil Loses Billions As Crops Reduced By Wacky Weather

02 China. China Diverges From Russia Slightly on Ukraine Action

03 Cuba. Cuban dissidents say political arrests top 1,000 in February

04 Ecuador. Ecuador’s President Correa Suffers Political Setback in Local Elections

05 India. India among most dangerous places in the world

06 Indonesia. Indonesia pushes for more women in power

07 Iran. Obama calls Iran a large and powerful country

08 Nigeria. Nigeria names leadership of awaited national conference

09 Russia. Russia’s Power Play Hits Economic Weak Spot

10 Saudi Arabia. Resurgence of Al Qaida in Iraq Fuelled By Saudi Arabia

11 Turkey. Turkey’s Gul orders auditors to assess capacity to fight corruption

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela: “The Most Democratic Country in the Western Hemisphere”

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