SchwartzReport: US Atrocity – Debtor Prisons, Offender-Funded “Probation” Industry

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

I find it hard to believe the United States is bringing back debtor prisons, but that appears to be the case, as reported in the Guardian, arguably the best and most independent newspaper in the English language. The elimination of debtor prisons was something the Founders took as a very serious goal for their new country. So much for the Founders, they are trumped by the new private for-profit prison trend.

Thrown in Jail for Being Poor: the Booming For-profit Probation Industry
LAUREN GAMBINO – The Guardian (U.K.)/ The Associated Press

Many poor Americans face jail when they can’t pay steep fines for nonviolent crimes, like $1,000 for stealing a $2 beer

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