2014-03-04 Open Source Everything Daily


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IADB CirclesNOTE: If the line is blank, this means that if you or your friends write an article on line using that phrase, it will make it into our next listing. One of the reasons we are doing this is to show opportunities for writing about opens that are not properly covered by the mainstream media.

Autonomous Internet.

Crowd Funding. Kickstarter Marks $1 Billion in Crowd Funding Pledges

Crowd Sourcing. After Fukushima: Crowd-Sourcing Initiative Sets Radiation Data Free

Liberation Technology.

Open Access. FERC Confirms the Long Reach of Open Access Requirements – Federal Energy Regulatory Commision

Open Architecture.


Open Budget. Public invited to Ottumwa budget hearing, goal-setting session this week

Open Cloud. Brocade Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN Powers Rackspace Global Hybrid Cloud

Open Coalition.

Open Content.

Open Culture.

Open Data. State moves openly toward more data transparency

Open Democracy. Open Internet and Open Democracy at PDF Poland-CEE 2014

Open Design.

Open Ecology.

Open Education. “Really Open Education” – Reflections from Creative Commons Policy Debate

Open Election.

Open Electronics.

Open Environment.

OpenFlow. Broadcom Announces OpenFlow Data Plane Abstraction Spec

Open Government. OSTP asks agencies for ‘bold, ambitious’ open government initiatives

Open Hardware. ITRI and Open Compute Project Foundation Celebrate Opening of Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Certification Testing Center

Open Innovation. Open Innovation: a key competitive factor for banks

Open Knowledge. The Small Data revolution is the real revolution

Open Manufacturing.

Open Materials.

Open Media. Calif. Appeals Court Rejects Open-Media Rule in Los Angeles

Open Meetings. Keep information open to the public


Open Money.

Open Network. SDN: Open Source Advances Interoperability

Open Politics.

Open Records. Nine residents file complaints of illegal conduct in Gordon

Open Religion.

Open Repositories.

Open Science.

Open Security. DVTEL Latitude NVMS Announces Integration with C-Cure by Software House

Open Software. Fully Open Dual-OS Software Stack for Toradex Vybrid™ Modules in Partnership with Antmicro

Open Spectrum.

Open Standards. SDN-Enabling The WLAN

Open Textbooks.

True Cost. The true cost of Russian sanctions to London and UK investors



THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust (2012)

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