Owl: Wayne Madsen on Top UK Pedophiles — Could Pedophilia be Catalyst for Revolution in UK and US?

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Wayne Madsen: Operation Spade Catching Bigger Pedo Fish in UK Government – Crimea Connection?

Madsen’s comments on this story have explosive implications – will the veil finally be lifted revealing many of the 1% of the 1% are pedophles?

“UK Prime Minister’s adviser on combating online child porn arrested for possession of child porn. Get ready for the pedo lobby to claim that would-be Lord, Patrick Rock, was “conducting research.” Operation SPADE now engulfs Cameron, along with Merkel’s government and US Sen. Lamar Alexander. This story is only going to get bigger. And Azov Films used Crimea as a filming center. What will Russian troops uncover there in the way of evidence?”

UK Prime Minister’s adviser on combating online child porn arrested for possession of child porn.

This article mentions many pieces of information, including a significant connection to Stafford VA:


Or maybe the aide was “suicided”:

Lamar Alexander’s former aide, charged with child porn, kills himself

Phi Beta Iota: The youth, labor class, the veterans, and many disenfranchised middle class males and mothers are close to exploding. Most of the preconditions for revolution are in full force in both the UK and the US. What is missing is a precipitant. Of all the precipitants that are possible, pedophilia fully exposed is the one that could blow the governments of the UK and US out of power. Pedophelia is BOTH a major crime against humanity, one that most normal people would consider guilloutine-ready AND a flagrant “privilege” of elites across the UK and US government, financial, and commercial as well as religious hierarchies. Put the full extent of pedophilia on the table, enough to shatter the natural reluctance of most to believe that such crimes in high places are not just possible, but enjoyed as a privilege with full protection from law enforcement agencies that have been warned off, and you just might have a really good revolution.

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