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IADB CirclesNOTE: If the line is blank, this means that if you or your friends write an article on line using that phrase, it will make it into our next listing. One of the reasons we are doing this is to show opportunities for writing about opens that are not properly covered by the mainstream media.

Autonomous Internet.

Crowd Funding. Crowd-funding solar for your home

Crowd Sourcing.

Liberation Technology.

Open Access. Vocalizr Provides Open Access to the Music Industry for New and Emerging Artists

Open Architecture. Why Open Architecture Is Vital to the Health Sector


Open Budget.

Open Cloud. Pivotal CEO Maritz wants to disrupt Amazon’s cloud computing disruption

Open Coalition.

Open Content.

Open Culture.

Open Data. Open Data Center Alliance pushes standardization

Open Democracy.

Open Design.

Open Ecology.

Open Education. Open Education Resources in Surgical Science

Open Election.

Open Electronics.

Open Environment.

OpenFlow. Open Networking Foundation Announces “OpenFlow Driver” Contest Winner

Open Government. San Diego’s open-government test

Open Hardware.

Open Innovation. Using Open Innovation to Deliver High-End Healthcare Disruption

Open Knowledge. The Open Knowledge Festival call for session proposals is now open!

Open Manufacturing.

Open Materials.

Open Media. Child courts should be open to media

Open Meetings. Board to town: public entitled to observe public business


Open Money.

Open Network. Router, switch sales drop amid SDN shift

Open Politics.

Open Records. School District Destroys Records Of Autistic Student To Hide Them From Family

Open Religion.

Open Repositories.

Open Science.

Open Security.

Open Software. Four reasons to invest in open-source software

Open Spectrum. Video explainer: why open spectrum matters, and why you're about to lose it

Open Standards.

Open Textbooks.

True Cost. The true cost of ‘growth’

UnConference. Boston’s First Weeklong Big Data and Analytics Unconference


THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth, & Trust (2012)

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