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Inadequate Intelligence. Rogers: Earlier Ukraine intel could have changed policy

Isolation of Elites.

Breakdown of Elite Consensus. UPDATE 1-U.S. lawmakers divided on Russia sanctions, eye vote on Ukraine aid

Weak or Inefficient Government.

Too Much or Too Little Bureaucracy.

Ego-Centric or Parochial Government. Washington's Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil Have Set the Stage for War

Elite Intransigence.

Repression of Dissent.

Failure to Adapt.

Ineffective Tension Managment.

Failure to Examine False Premises.

External Control of Government.

Arbitrary or Excessive Government.

Failure to Respond to All Groups.

Garrison, Industrial, or Welfare State.


Concentration of Wealth. How Economic Inequality Kills

Lack of Public Disclosure.

Loss of Economic Initiative.

Failure to Do Balanced Growth.

Breakdown of Fiscal, Monetary, Welfare Policies.

Insufficient Mobility.

Failure to Deal with White Collar Crime. Long Nights at the ABA White Collar Crime Conference

Loss of Key Sectors to Foreign Providers.

Loss of Quality Control. Quality control

Status Discrepancies.

Lack of Economic Motivators.

Unstable Growth. US productivity slowed to 1.8 percent growth rate in Q4 while labor costs down slightly

Excessive Defense Spending. Trimming U.S. military spending


Conflicting Myths.

Inadequate Socialization.

Loss of Authority.

Failure to Honor National Myth System.

Humiliation of Leaders.

Loss of Confidence by Population. What Rights?

Cynicism, Opportunism, Corruption. New local task force to investigate corruption and violent crimes

Failure to Deal with Prejudice.

Desertion of Intellectuals.

Failure to Deal with Alienation.

Media (Self) Censorship. Propaganda Rules the News

Suppression of Intellectual Disourse.

Failure of Religion.

Cultural Pre-Disposition Toward Violence.


Acceptance of Media Distortions. Tweet patrol knows when censors delete online posts

Inadequate Education.

Failure to Embrace New Technologies. DoD Manufacturing Institutes highlight AMC partnerships with academia, industry

Failure to Embrace New Groups.

Failure to Have a National Strategy. A New National Security Strategy: The Case for Conditioning US Military Aid to Israel

Failure to Nurture Entrepreneurship. Coalition of Small Business Organizations Applaud Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee for Moving Maria Contreras-Sweet's Nomination to Full Senate

Failure to Franchise All Groups. Florida High Court Says Illegal Immigrants Cannot Get Law License

Failure to Develop National R&D.

Failure to (Protect) Communications.

Failure to Control Police, Army (or CIA). U.S. Senate Uses Abu-Jamal to ‘Tar' Obama Nominee

Failure to Employ Alpha Citizens.

Failure to Assess & Apply Technologies.

Excessive Urbanization or Pollution.


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