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We’re playing around. None of the RSS / curation offerings are satisfactory. As a side note: the President’s Daily Brief (PDB) is Top Secret Limited Distribution and costs roughly 219 million dollars a day and is seen by very few. This daily is free and open to all. Below is a simple Global Reality matrix. The US Government obsesses on the two red dots.

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01 Poverty. Poverty Less Than .02 Percent of Lead Media Coverage

02 Infectious Disease. Stigma of leprosy endures in India, hindering efforts to eradicate disease

03 Environmental Degradation. Judge shows the way on environmental protection

04 Inter-State Conflict. Are US war games in South Korea worth the trouble?

05 Civil War. Syria civil war: Video claims L.A. gang members are fighting for Assad

06 Genocide. Warning from Canadian Muslim Professor: Islam a threat to White people

07 Other Atrocities. Susan Minot’s ‘Thirty Girls’ brings Kony’s African atrocities into stark focus

08 Proliferation. Baum on “Risks of accidental nuclear war” @ UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Prep Committee

09 Terrorism. Counter-terrorism, piracy high on radars of India, Sri Lanka, Maldives

10 Transnational Crime. Over 42,000 Financial Crimes Uncovered in Russia Last Year – Putin


01 Agriculture. Agriculture News: Now’s the time to train in Good Agricultural Practices

02 Diplomacy. AIPAC’s Plan C on Iran Diplomacy Blunted

03 Economy. Fixing economy is a collective responsibility

04 Education. PowerPointless: Digital slideshows are the scourge of higher education.

05 Energy. Nuclear Energy Rising At The Expense of Renewable Power

06 Family.

07 Health. City to start negotiating with unions for health care savings

08 Immigration. Immigrant detainees on hunger strike in Washington state

09 Justice. Justice:Dragging ourselves into the 21st century

10 Security. Internet connections of security agencies vulnerable, open to snooping

11 Society. The global pressure on education

12 Water. Water the talk of the town this week


01 Brazil. Brazil for Strengthening Brotherhood, Co-op with Angola

02 China. China to tighten rules against pollution

03 Cuba. Cuba welcomes return of 2nd revolutionary jailed in US 

04 Ecuador. SXSW 2014: Julian Assange Speaks Out On NSA, Journalism, and the Internet

05 India. India, Saudi Arabia to deepen energy partnership

06 Indonesia. What Myanmar Could Learn From Indonesia

07 Iran. Iran plans GCC’s top hospital in Oman

08 Nigeria. Who Stole ₦38.23billion At Nigeria’s Central Bank? – Sahara Reporters

09 Russia. Russia wants OSCE probe into Kiev sniper ‘cover-up’

10 Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and Qatar in ‘war on Iraq,’ PM says

11 Turkey. Turkey desires stronger ties with Pakistan: Erdogan

12 Veneuzela. Venezuela Gets More Than $7 Billion From China and Russia

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