Berto Jongman: YouTube (14:46) NSA Deceptions & Lies Pre- and Post- 9/11

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

This is a MUST WATCH. Includes NSA spying on Secretary of State Colin Powell, pre-Senator Barack Obama, specific generals including Petraeus, and specific Supreme Court Justices as well as specific lawyers across the country. Begins with segment in which General Mike Hayden, then Director of NSA, is shown actively lying, with malice aforethought, to a nation-wide audience on television.

Concludes with growing national movement to shut down provision of local water to any NSA facility, the OFF NOW campaign; while also forbidding any NSA data being used in state and local courts; kicking NSA out of all state academic and research universties; and terminating state contracts with any corporations holding contracts with NSA.

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