4th Media: US-Based Cuban Extremists Inciting Civil War and Assassination in Venezuela

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4th media croppedUS Agents Incite Civil War in Venezuela

Leopoldo López, the leader of radical opposition Popular Will (El Movimiento Voluntad Popular), has taken a decision to hand himself over to government forces. What has made him do so?

Upon getting the news the arrest warrant was issued, he went in hiding, then tried to escape abroad. He changed his mind after the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (el Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional – SEBIN) made public a taped phone conversation.

Two men from a Miami-based ultra-right emigrant group discussed the plans to physically liquidate Lopez and then shift the blame on the government of Nicolas Maduro.

A number of terrorist groups were sent to Venezuela, they had accomplices in the ranks of Lopez’s team. The residence of US Central Intelligence Agency in Caracas knew about the terrorists’ plans. It never moved a finger to protect Lopez. He was doomed to face cold blooded and politically motivated action undertaken against him to serve the United States’ interests.

Conspirators hoped this «sacred sacrifice» would give an impetus to the process of the country’s destabilization and make people hit the streets. The assassination had to cement the leading position of Enrique Capriles, an old time rival of Lopez, among the opposition ranks.

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Phi Beta Iota: The US Government does not do enough to hold Cuban extremists based in the USA accountable to the rule of law. Completely apart from Cuban exiles managed and funded by the CIA, and still a major problem, the Cuban exile zealots in Florida and New Orleans — are a force that is dying but dangerous. What many do not realize is that Venezuela is the “other” major aggregation of right-wing Cuban zealots prepared to do anything they can to bring down the legitimate government in Venezuela, with or without CIA funding and encouragement. The US Government loves all 40 plus dictators with two exceptions: North Korea and Cuba. In Venezuela the US Government is largely dishonest about its positions, which are paid for by US oil interests.

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