Berto Jongman: Appraisal of US False Flag Possibilities in Ukraine

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

I find it difficult to judge. It is interesting to read the comments by various ‘ anonymous’ people. Much of the confusion seems to be related to a bad translation of Ukrainian to English.  There is a tremendous information war going on. Today Kerry and Merkel have stepped up the pressure by giving very strong  and threatening statements. Yatsenyuk spoke at the UNSC. The first oligarch has been arrested abroad At the same time both sides are deploying and positing military forces. The situation is very tense and there are all kinds of shady paramilitary militia-like groups running round  that could create incidents that could lead to unwanted escalation. I was surprised that we’ve seen not more incidents yet and that Ukrainians have been very calm and did not let themselves be provoked. We have to see what will happen tomorrow and how the West will respond. I am getting more and more worried that we are slowly moving to a military confrontation.  A false flag could speed up developments. It all reminds me of the Balkan war in the 1990s. The EU and the West were very slow in their reactions and did not want to believe that a war was coming and hoped that diplomacy could solve the problems. Currently many politicians have stated that nobody wants war and that we have to let diplomacy do its work while nobody seems to see the military preparations.

Hacked Email from U.S. Army Attache in Ukraine – Four False Flags to occur so U.S. can take military action against Russia


Phi Beta Iota: We hope DIA DH is not this stupid. We tend to discount the alleged DIA role in sponsoring false flag operations in the Ukraine. It is entirely possible that there are rogue neo-conservative defense attaches, just as we have rogue Jewish diplomats. On balance, Ukraine is both a US intelligence failure and a US counterintelligence failure.

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