Danielle Villegas: Smithsonian X 3D Tool Shines

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Danielle Villegas
Danielle Villegas

Yay for the Smithsonian! They are making available files to reproduce historical items on 3D printers for teaching purposes. Excellent use of 3D printing!

Smithsonian X 3D Provides Great Resources for Teaching Using 3D Models and Artifacts

Smithsonian x 3D is a platform that provides teachers and educators access to a wide variety of 3D materials and artifacts stored in the popular Smithsonian museum. These materials can be used as the scaffolding to tell stories or send students on a quest of discovery.

Teachers can also print different 3D models from this site provided that they have access to a 3D printer and for many of the 3D materials, raw data can be downloaded to support further inquiry.

“The SIx3D viewer offers students the ability to explore some of the Smithsonian’s most treasured objects with a level of control that has never been possible until now. We hope this revolutionary level of access to the Smithsonian collections will spark your students’ curiosity and that the exploration of these objects will enable them to build lifelong observation and critical thinking skills.”

Watch this video to learn more about Smithsonian X 3D in education

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