SchwartzReport: 81 Communities in Illinois 100% Clean Energy

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This is very cool news. Very positive showing the transition away from carbon can be done by communities.

Illinois Powers 91 Communities With 100 Percent Clean Energy
BRANDON BAKER | – EcoBusiness

Many people don’t know of a state with more than one community using 100-percent renewable electricity, but one state has nearly 100 of them.

Illinois has 91 communities that have achieved 100-percent renewable energy, according to ‘Leading from the Middle: How Illinois Communities Unleashed Renewable Energy,” a report released Friday by the Environmental Law & Policy Center, Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, LEAN Energy US, the Illinois Solar Energy Association and George Washington University Solar Institute. Each of the communities used group buying power to purchase electricity with renewable energy credits.

Illinois is one of six states in the country that allows community choice aggregation (CCA), a system where residents can use their bulk purchasing to solicit bids from energy providers.

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