Robert Steele: Malaysian Airlines Review — Update 6 No on Fire, Maldives, Screen

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

UPDATE 19 Mar 13: A “Startlingly Simple Theory” About the Missing Airliner is Sweeping the Internet. It’s Wrong.

Malaysia Jet Seen In Maldives! Where Drug Dealers’ Boeing Refueled, Left Unannounced, Near Diego Garcia Base

Did Malaysian Airlines 370 disappear using SIA68/SQ68 (another 777)?

UPDATE 18 Mar 14: Simplist Explanation 1: Fire, Turn Toward Emergency Landing at Palau Langkawi

Simplist Explantion 2: Political Rage without a Fixed Plan

UPDATE 17 Mar 14: Berto Jongman: Malaysia Airlines – Israeli False Flag to Implicate Iran, Gone Wrong

UPDATE 17 Mar 14: AFP InfoGraphic on Sequence of Events

UPDATE 16 Mar 14: Sorcha Fall (David Booth) Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean

UPDATE 16 Mar 14: Excellent Bloomberg Graphic puts this in context — 1.2 planes a year vanishing since time immemorial — but this plane has 9/11, Zionists, cargo, and other aspects all interesting to contemplate.

The disappearance of the Malasian Airlines flight MH370 has brought into sharp focus the following:

01 Boeing Aircraft can be hijacked remotely. This could do to Boing's business what NSA did to the US computing industry. Buy Boeing, be cyber-hijacked. Both AWACS and on-board variations of cyber-hijacking have been brought forward. Boeing has previously flown an aircraft from the US to Australia from take off to landing, all via remote control. Whether for rendition to Diego Garcia or for piracy motives capturing a high value cargo including passengers, or for 9/11 use against Kuala Lumpar, Boeing Aircraft are now the cyber-hijack target of choice.

NOTE: France's Airbus has the same problem. Both Boeing and Airbus are subject to hijacking via the Zionist-invented “Flight Termination System” and by other means developed since then.

02 Civilian rader is weakest, military radar is weak, there are too many flaws, holes, and attention gaps in most countries ability to surveil their airspace out 200 miles

03 Stolen passports are too easy to use. The international travel system is wide open, particularly with the many arrangements for no visa requirements — from Dubai to Jakarta to Phuket to Beijing to Frankfurt is “too easy.”

04 Total Cargo Awareness (TCA) is not something most people do.  A portion of the cargo on this aircraft could be very high value / very high danger (as in WMD) and the Malaysian authorities evidently have no process in place for being fully aware of what is passing through their country (which is of course true of everyone else, including especially the USA). UPDATE: Although the story of bio-hazard experts rushing to Diego Garcia was initially interesting, the reality is that any such success story would have been announced by now.

05 Cognitive Dissonance Wildcards. Malaysia is now experiencing what the USA has been experiencing with various whistle-blowers, veteran suicides, and other signs of deep disconnect between the state and the public. At least one of the pilots felt aggreived toward the state of Malaysia, perhaps to the point of using his legitimate access for illegitimate ends. I say it again: when a state loses legitimacy in the eyes of a substantial percentage of its public, law enforcement can no longer deal with the wild cards. Good people trapped in a bad system will always produce good people doing bad things to a bad state. We are entering a state of persistent internal war across all states less the Nordics and BENELUX. — and Beligum has NATO, a magnet for a new 9/11.

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