SchwartzReport: California Gets Stupid on Water

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Water is destiny. Here is a glimpse of what lies ahead for California. It is going to be a very different world.

How to Survive a Future Without Water

Phi Beta Iota: We marvel at the idiocy of Californians. The are next to an unlimited supply of salt water and enjoy greater solar power opportunities than many others. What they should be doing is a mix of radical conservation including new forms of urban farming and drop by drop farming, along witth radical changes to toilets and showers and the eradication of the leaks that are responsible for a third of the potable water being lost — along with a commitment to a hundred water desalination projects spaced out along the entire coastline. There is AMPLE water for all possible future human needs. What we lack is intelligence with integrity.

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