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Stephan A. Schwartz

I haven’t done anything on the Succession Trend recently; here’s the latest. Note, this is coming from a far right religious media source, which is what makes it particularly interesting.

The New USA? Secession Movement Gains Steam
David Brody, Chief Political Correspondent – CBN News

GREELEY, COLORADO — If you mention the word “secession” most people think of the South during the Civil War. But today, a new movement is gaining steam because of frustration over a growing, out-of-control federal government.

A number of conservative, rural Americans are taking about seceding and creating their own states, meaning a new map of the United States of America could include the following:

A 51st state called Jefferson, made up of Northern California and Southern Oregon
A new state called Western Maryland
A new state called North Colorado

These are real movements gaining traction with voters across the country. Jeffrey Hare runs the 51st State Initiative in Colorado, an effort to fight an out-of-control legislature trying to ram big government policies down the throats of voters.

“We’re at this point of irreconcilable differences,” Hare told CBN News.

Secessionist talk has filled town hall meetings and the divide discussed is not just ideological.

“It’s predominately left versus right, but it’s urban versus rural because you typically find more typical conservative values in rural America,” Hare said.

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Phi Beta Iota: The situation is much worse than described above. Thereare there 27 secessionist movements in the USA, with New Hampshire and Vermont being the most serious, followed by Hawaii, Alaska, and portions of Texas. There ae also tens of millions of Americans who have completely written off the government and strive to not pay taxes, ignore gun laws, and generally consider Washington to be in the hands of corrupt pedophiles and second-rate crooks (the first rate crooks are running New York money and Texas energy concerns). In practical terms with long-term consequences, the federal government has lost legitimacy in the eyes of a majority of its citizens. Similarly state governments and even local governments are viewed my many to be a “mini-me” of Washington in which the elite grant public privileges to corporations in return for private gains. A revolution has begun in the USA; we pray the common sense and inherent goodness of the public find their way to victory over those who legalize crime and abuse the public trust.

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