Berto Jongman: Cyber-Threats Current & Emerging

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Current and Emerging Cyber-Threats

Security expert Steve Durbin discusses nation-state espionage and the dangers lurking in cyberspace, and urges organizations to become cyber resilient.


What should CIOs be most concerned about in Threat Horizon 2016?

How can enterprises mitigate nation-state espionage?

What threat intelligence-sharing forums should enterprise CIOs be following? What are useful security resources they might not be aware of?

Why do you think the Balkanization of the Internet is a large threat? Only a few nations are trying to create geopolitical borders on the Internet.

Regarding the unintended consequences of nation-states policing the Internet, what are the most likely types of incidents we’ll see in 2014?

How can enterprises reduce the vulnerabilities posed by third-party service providers? What’s a good action plan you’ve observed?

Your advice about using encryption now that it appears that encryption isn’t the fail-safe tool that we’d believed it was.

When companies apply data analytics to information security problems, what are the most common things they do right? And what do they often do wrong?

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