Evan Ellis: Latin America Engagement with China

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Evan Ellis
Evan Ellis

Latin America’s Foreign Policy as the Region Engages China

Security and Defense Studies Review (Volume 15 / 2014)

This article examines the foreign policy of Latin America and the Caribbean toward the People’s Republic of China. It finds that, for those nations recognizing Taiwan most Latin American nations have had relatively few political differences with the PRC. Exceptions include Brazil’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council and Mexico’s receipt of the Dali Lama under the sexenio of Felipe Calderón. Within the region, the most important differences have emerged on issues of foreign economic policy. The article finds that Latin America’s heterogeneous orientation toward China on economic issues may be understood in terms of four cross-cutting cleavages, which reflect economic, political, and geographic divisions in the region more broadly: (1) north versus south, (2) populist regimes versus market economies, (3) pure resource exporters versus industrialized exporters versus nonexporting capital recipients versus pure importers , and (4) Pacific versus Atlantic.

PDF (19 Pages): Latin Americas Foreign Policy as the Region Engages China – Evan Ellis (SDSR)

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