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A Curated Guide About The Best Places Where To Learn How To Code: Bento

Bento is a website that, thanks to its author Jon Chan and the many user contributions, has gathered, organized and curated the very best resources available online where you can learn how to code. From html to javascript, ruby, php, Java, perl, Bento offers learning guidance for over 80 different technologies and coding languages.

Here is how Jon Chan, a 23 years old who launched this project in September of 2013, describes Bento:

Bento is what I would have liked to have when I was learning to code. I started learning to code when I was very young – about ten years old. Then, the only things I had available were what I could find online and through a few dense books. Now, people have the exact opposite problem: how do you break through the noise and find what’s actually valuable to learn? This site is here to help you figure that out.”

Bento is a perfect example of effective content curation as it does not simply collect and list all of the resources available to learn each language but it only suggests the very best ones, organizing them in easy, medium and hard and providing also “best of” / direct solutions that save readers lots of valuable time. Free to use.

Useful, simple and immediate to use. Well organized. 9/10


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