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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Google Is as Intrusive as They Come

If you see the world through Google ( colored glasses, you might think the search king can do no wrong, such as in this recent article, “Why the Future Belongs to Google.” However, it’s starting to look like even those wearing the glasses are not happy.

According to the drum-thumping piece:

“The search giant has infiltrated almost every sphere of our digital interaction and made the experience richer, more satisfying and rather beautiful…There are many big-name brands which often try to achieve this, but either their endeavour feels too intrusive or they just fail without a whimper.”

Pardon us, but if there’s one thing Google constantly stumbles over it’s how intrusive its latest and greatest ideas are. We’re not just talking long-lost flops like Google Buzz, but new “innovations” like its flu-tracker and the most recent run of backlash that seems to have finally put a bullet in the motherboard of Google Glass, according to TechCruch and others We are more than a little suspicious of the article that claims google is unintrusive. It makes us wonder how deeply Google has intruded on that writer’s brain.

Patrick Roland, April 10, 2014

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