Stephen E. Arnold: Open Source Search Sucks, Google Hides, Norvig’s Law Skins Singularity

IO Impotency
Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Open Source Search: Just Like Good Old Proprietary Search

The more search changes, the more it remains the same it seems. Come to think of it: Most of today’s vendors are following the scripts written for Fulcrum Technologies and Verity who stomped around the C suite in the 1980s. Is the search sector running an endless loop?

Google Promptly and Quietly Erases Lists of Government Partners

This story shares screenshots taken before and after the revelatory article was posted a couple days before. These images show Google’s Enterprise- Government page displaying lists of government partners. The second shows a page in perpetual-load mode.

Norvigs Law – No Doubling Past 50%

But if you’re counting percentage of people (or households), there’s just no more doubling after you pass 50 percent.”

Phi Beta Iota: The persistent problem with Western capitalism and Western technology is that it continues to focus on the one billion rich with a one trillion a year aggregate income. It does not attend to the needs of the five billion poor with their four trillion a year aggregate income. In global terms, Western technology is both 80% waste in true cost economic terms, and less than 20% total penetration when counting EVERYBODY. There is amply room for gains into the future, but only if the West evolves spiritually and intellectually.

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