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Got Crowd? BE the Force!
Got Crowd? BE the Force!

Why Care About M-Learning?

Justic Ferriman+

LearnDash, 27 March 2014

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. There are a variety of reasons for this, but many have to do with the accessibility of mobile devices, the savings associated with a mobile enabled learning program, and the convenience mobile learning affords the learner.

In fact, today if there is a learning management system (or courses) that do not perform on mobile devices, it is borderline in-excusable. In five years time, it will be flat-out archaic.

The infographic below (originally created by Upside Learning) presents some very compelling facts about the shift to mobile learning in the workplace, and the opportunity that is there for organizations that take action.

The section of the infographic that rang true for me were the points around the way work is changing – particularly in reference to no office, device freedom, and the desire for greater flexibility on the job.

For many years I would fly around the country consulting on elearning programs for some of the world’s largest companies. All three of these items directly applied to me and my team.

Work is changing. Today’s employee is often very tech-savvy, connected on multiple platforms digitally, and is used to an autonomous structure. Mobile learning really is not an employee perk – it is an expectation.

Companies who get on board with mobile learning sooner rather than later have a great chance in retaining their talent. Put simply, ignoring the mlearning shift will result in the company being seen as dated and out-of-touch… and no one wants to work for a company with that reputation!

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