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Kallos Seeks Overhaul Through Open Source

Cities and states around the country such as San Francisco, Oklahoma, and New Hampshire have passed bills to require municipalities to use open source software when possible. Why not a tech hub like New York City?

On Thursday, Council Member Ben Kallos will introduce the Free and Open Source Software Act that, if passed by the City Council, would bring the requirement to New York. The law would require the City to look first to open source software before purchasing proprietary software. In addition, Kallos, chair of the Council’s government operations committee, will introduce a Civic Commons bill to create a central site to store all of the open source software the City uses which could promote sharing among cities.

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OSE NYC CirclesPhi Beta Iota: Open source is an ECOLOGY — we need to go all in on all the opens from Open Cloud and Open Data to Open Hardware and Open Software to Open Spectrum and Open Standards. NYC is the one place outside the Netherlands with there is a sufficiency of money and brain power to get this right.

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