Jean Lievens: Stephen Downes on Mass Collaboration

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Workshop on Mass Collaboration – Day One

Introduction to the Workshop – Ulrike Cress

Why a workshop in mass collaboration? Recent mass phenomena: Wikipedia, tagging, blogging, Scratch, massive open online courses and connectivism, citizen science, maker-space

Who is creating these? Nature article on massively collaborative mathematics (see the wiki PolyMath).

How do we describe these phenomena? Is it just aggregation? What role does coordination play? Is it a mass phenomena? Is it an emergent phenomena? Is it collective intelligence? And what are the processes behind this?

Stephen Downes
Stephen Downes

In science we need new methods for this. Previously, we would passively observe – but now we want people interacting. We have to try and find what these methods can do.

Can we design mass collaboration? Is it just something that self-starts, or can we create this?

CSCL 2013, we brought together people to talk about this. This led to the larger workshop we are hosting today.

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Phi Beta Iota: Communications (cyber) without intelligence (human minds) is noise — human minds without connectivity (communications – cyber) are irrelevant. We need both….as well as the tools for sense-making and consensus building.

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