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analyst oneAbout Analyst One

Analyst One is a site created by and for analysts Our Mission: Serve analysts working hard problems. Our Goal: Provide content designed to help analysts improve their ability to understand. Topics Covered by Analyst One include: Analytics, Use Cases, Tech and Lessons Learned.

Topics Covered by Analyst One include:

  • Analytics: the use of advanced tools and methodologies to extract meaning from data.
  • Sensemaking: advanced concepts to help organizations create knowledge in systemic ways.
  • Megatrends in the Analytical Community: The major forces in the analytical community that will impact us all.
  • Technologies: Tools that can improve analytical outcomes, especially user-focused applications.
  • Architectural constructs: For enterprise support to the analyst.
  • Analytical challenges and use cases: The hard problems that need more community focused thought, and repeatable solutions that should be broadly shared.

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