Bojan Radej: Social Complexity as Threat

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Bojan Radej
Bojan Radej

Abstract: Society is complex ‘mesocosm’ (Plato). Concept of social complexity is developed from a cross comparison between simple, systemic, chaotic and evolutionary thinking. The most rudimentary category of social complexity is incommensurability of social issues because of their incompatible valuations in vertical and horizontal direction. These two orthogonally organised axes obtain us with Cartesian frame which is further reworked into Leontief’s input-output matrix as each axis is internally differentiated on (at least) three integral domains. These provide a middle ground or meso level where domains are correlated which is fundamental for studying them. To apply mesoscopic logic on social processes one needs first to develop specific set of hybrid or bi-modal categories with dual horizon which are capable of bridging oppositions between pairs of incommensurable comparisons. Hybrid categories radically reinterpret society as a complex and deantagonised. Three practical examples are addressed to illustrate the mesoscopic transcendence of idea of totality as well as of fragmentation. Their conclusions suggest that our common destiny increasingly depends on individual and collective capacity to take a broad insight and constitute as globally responsible, self-restraining but also rigorously autonomous agents.

Key words: Social complexity, Incommensurability of values, Mesoscopic rationality, Hybrid categories, Mutuality.

PDF (54 Pages): Radej, Social Complexity ( JUN 2014)

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