Jean Lievens: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon: where do the big four go from here?

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Jean LievensGoogle, Apple, Facebook and Amazon: where do the big four go from here?

Jamie Carter

TechRadar, 22 June 2014

Search engines, social media and text messages are history. The major ‘walled gardens’ of the the internet are developing fast, but all of the big four are betting on various visions of the future. Will the next big things be home automation, virtual reality social networking … or something else entirely?

With two-thirds of the world’s population not yet online, what happens next to the internet is truly up for grabs.

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Phi Beta Iota: None of these companies (or the unmentioned Microsoft and IBM) do holistic analytics and true cost economics. The current “smart device” production path is not sustainable. The new model will make greater use of vastly less expensive human networks instead of technical storage and processing; simplify devices, all of which will be detoxified and open source everything; and eliminate banks, among other innovations.

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