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Got Crowd? BE the Force!

The Ucadia Financial System Model- A sustainable system under the Golden Rule for prosperity

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Hello and thanks for reading and listening to the Ucadia blog for this week (the 9th of October 2013) entitled “The Ucadia Financial System Model- A sustainable system under the Golden Rule for prosperity”.

Today, I am going to share with you the undeniable proof that there exists at this very moment a comprehensive and complete alternative global economic model and system that in fact places people and their prosperity and well being as the central focus an no longer the worship of money as some god of pirates and insane bankers; and that far from being based on some series of radical new ideas, this comprehensive and complete alternative global economic model and system is actually founded on the Golden Rule and the Rule of Law and the claimed foundations of Western-Roman Law and Commerce that the present system of insane bankers and pirates so fundamentally reject; and finally that to expose the just how absurd and untrue the claims of the insane bankers and pirates that there is no alternative and that any alternative is impossible to implement, I am going to show how such an alternative can be implemented in less time than the 144 days I mentioned a few weeks ago in how to stop the coming global financial Armageddon.

To demonstrate this to you, I have linked a document (here) which introduces the Twelve (12) key elements of the Ucadia Financial System being: Laws, Trusts, Property, Treasuries, Banks, Entities, Products, Currencies, Accounts, registers, Markets and Exchanges. I won’t be reading out the whole document – don’t worry; But I will be covering some of the key sections and points as we go through the conversation tonight.

I will also be discussing some of the more controversial aspects of the Ucadia Financial System, which is not necessarily the idea, or how it works but the symbolism that is sometimes used – the use of objects and signs that in some cases are thousands of years old and were then hijacked by moneylenders and merchants and other people with poor character to become giant “beware of the dog” signs and generators of fear.  Even today, there are people so brainwashed by the matrix that they reflexively react to certain symbols without ever being able to ask “but who was it exactly who taught me to fear such symbols?” So I will need to spend a bit of time on this, even though it has no bearing on the mechanical functions of the Ucadia Financial System.

But before we get started, I want to cover two things: First, I want to do a quick synopsis of what we have discussed over the previous two weeks – because many of these points are key in moving forward; and second I want to address and dismantle some of sound bites and hysterics being vomited forth at present by nihilists masquerading as conservatives, as liberals and even as members of the truth movement. 

Let’s start then with a quick summary of the key points discussed over the past fortnight on the global economic system.

A Quick Summary of key themes discussed in past two weeks

Two weeks ago I posted the audio and article entitled “Why is the global economic system about to totally collapse? What can be done to save the world from financial Armageddon?”

In the article, we discussed the parable of the Wicked Lord who does not forgive the long terms debts of his servants as he himself has been forgiven as a perfect analogy for the behaviour of bankers today. 

We covered the fact that the present global economic system is so broken, the banks under the Bank for International Settlement – as founded by Wall Street Banks in the 1930’s to create the German Annuity Market and later to control all capital and liquidity in the world – are unable to settle the accounts between themselves and sovereign nations, let alone balance the books between alleged assets underwriting the system and the funny money being printed in ever increasing amounts each day.

If the accounting cannot be settled and balanced between banks and does not add up with the underlying assets, then the system is completely doomed and must at some stage come to a complete and grinding crash.  The question of when will this happen.

In the same article two weeks ago, I explained that the way this small group of banks have been able to get away with it, is by stripping the system down to its most basic parts by using just three essential levers – (1) control people’s ability to trade and purchase through bank accounts (2) control the amount of capital people are allowed to have to trade and purchase by taxes, charges and low wages and (3) control the media as the primary tool of maintaining the lie.

As we explained it is true that there are historic levels of the global economic system as it was created – and actually you can see some diagrams on those historic layers at the back of the document I prepared on the Ucadia Financial System as reference. But that does not mean those levels have any direct control over the giant ponzi-casino that is in operation today.

Yes, the Vatican was fundamental in the creation of the global economic system as formed five hundred years ago, but that does not mean the bankers listen to them today. It is true that the crown of Great Britain and later the Bank of England was key to creating the expanding annuity system and bond system of the world, but that does not mean merchant bankers of Wall Street care. And it is true that the exiled Dutch families from the United States of the Netherlands purchased Manhattan Island and their former colony from the people of the United States at the end of the 18th Century- providing the huge cash windfall to pay off the debt to England and have more than enough spare to build Washington DC – but look at their bank today, the Bank of New York that became the Federal Reserve Bank of New York – Ben Bernanke is struggling to keep the system afloat.

If I see another pyramid claiming this is the system of communication of the Illuminati and world control, I am going to scream. Yes I have been guilty myself in designing such diagrams but the absolute, indisputable fact of the present world problems today is that the people in charge are certifiably, completely and utterly batshit crazy, incompetent and not listening.

Don’t believe me? Then turn on your television and have a look at the face of any nihilist member of the House of Congress of United States Senate. Are these the faces of sane people? People in connection with anything?  Sure they spout the mantra of the pseudo-Christian Zionist Machine – but they really don’t believe in God. Nor do they worship Satan – They are intellectual and moral nihilists and they believe they are untouchable.  It is the lunatics that are running the asylum and no amount of logic, sense is convincing them otherwise. I also used the parable two weeks ago of describing them as scorpions in the parable of the scorpion and the frog.  But in reality, I should have listed them as scorpions on crack and ice and the frog as they are not just dangerous as nihilists, they are incredibly dangerous as crazy crazy nihilists.

Anyway, I wrapped up the article two weeks ago with the description of ten things that can be done immediately by any nation, any state, any city, or county that is not under the control of such insane people:

Step #1-Require all public officials to properly swear public oaths to the Declaration of Independence or similar document edifying the Golden Rule and Rule of Law and have such proper oaths recorded on the public record; and

Step #2-Repeal all laws granting immunity to officials, corporations, judges and politicians; and

Step #3-Restore all statutes against frauds and treason that ensured public officials cannot commit fraud, cannot steal and cannot get away with committing treason against their own people; and

Step #4-Nationalize all bank account numbers, to then be created and administered by each county/council and then state so that account numbers become a public asset, so that each branch of government has a master list and banks only rent use of such accounts to provide commercial services.; and

Step #5-Nationalize all bank account clearance transactions so that no company may own the transactions themselves between bank accounts; and

Step #6-Repeal all laws granting private control of annuities; and

Step #7-Create public central banks, that cannot be privatized using the annuities of the people as the assets to back a public currency and phase out all privately issued currencies for publicly backed currencies; and

Step #8-Outlaw the bar associations creating financial instruments on court cases; and

Step #9-Outlaw commercial banks fractionalizing currency; and

Step #10-Outlaw commercial banks directly owning real property and restore clean hands policy for banks in financial transactions.

None of these ten steps are bizarre or massively complex and if taken they would go a massive way to saving any nation, state, city, or county or community from financial ruin when the mentally insane of Wall Street finally destroy their own system. Yet will elected officials heed the warning? Will they prepare?  At this stage I see little sign of change at the coal face as people blindly continue as if it cannot happen, it will not happen.

So last week, given this pervading madness, we discussed the audio and blog entitled “Can I survive the coming global economic system collapse? How people who are not complete idiots can thrive and prosper despite the collapse?”

After I apologized for the language, we went through and discussed the fact that the concept of money is practical and not evil; and that money exists at its heart to serve three primary purposes:

(1) The first purpose of money is as a standard unit of measure to enable the creation of equivalent values as prices for different goods and services;

(2) The second purpose of money is as a means of exchange of equivalent values derived from the purchase and sale of different goods and services

(3) The third purpose of money is as a reliable and stable representation of value so that people are confident to use such a unit of measure in their daily lives.

We then went on to describe very clearly that your life and your time and your skills have value and that if you have followed the suggestions made through these blogs and audios over and over and over again to perfect your will and testament as an unbreakable covenant with the divine; if you have taken control over the affairs of your own estate then it is within your power to create a fund, or a hypothecation of the value of the rights of your estate in the form of true money.

Using the parable of the Master and the Talents, I went on to explain that far from the concept of preparing a budget and assigning fair value to the rights and title of your estate, it is in fact a fundamental act of claiming the energy and fruits of your estate and that if you do not do this, then you leave the door open for others to make such claims such as the attack dogs of the banks in the form of the tax agents sent to torment you, accuse you and break you.

I also covered the fact that once you get your own house in order and can value your own abilities and needs, then this information is really fifty percent of what is needed in order to engage with sharing energy with others and being able to take such energy away from the control of banks.

Now as for capital and what is investment capital, at the Ucadia Q & A Forum last week, I explained that True Investment Capital is nothing more than the full faith and credit of a partner willing to help you in exchange for you honoring your promise. In other words, the most valuable capital is trust.

You can see then why banks and the concerted efforts of the past 100 years in destroying every last vestige of trust – destroying trust between a man and a woman, between parents and their children; destroying the trust between neighbour and neighbour; destroying the trust between employer and employee; between business to business.  Why? because once you destroy this trust, then the banks can step in and become the sole controller of capital.

If the man or woman that owns the building trusts you can pay rent in a few months; If the provider of goods trusts you will pay when the business is started; If the staff trust they will be paid; and everyone helps you get started on the trust that your word is your bond – there is true and real capital.  You don’t need money from a bank.

So now we see this agenda and banks seeking to interpose themselves and deliberately destroy trust so there is no competition for capital. Hopefully now people will work to become more competent in their own affairs and connect with people who are willing to be trustworthy and grow their community capital.

Challenging the false talking head sound bites of nihilists 

The second thing I wanted to cover before we get into the document on the Ucadia Financial System is the sound bites being vomited forth by nihilists.  Remember, by definition a nihilist believes in nothing but themselves – they are a moral prostitute and someone who will say and do anything for a price and their favorite activity is spreading slogans and clichés like they are absolute truths when in many cases they are oxymorons and logical fallacies.

I want to quickly address some of these, even if journalists, the network editors and others never ever seem to take these talking head nihilists to task – at least we can put it on the record.

Free market means pirates and insanity: Fair market means prosperity

There are few examples that expose just how vacuous and moronic the talking head nihilists have become when they belch out the slogan “free market” as some claimed panacea to present problems of inequity. Free market is a deliberate false and misleading label. It is a fraud when the true description is fair market.

Free market means survival of the fittest and is the most unjust and inequitable of conditions whereas fair market means justice and rule of law exists;

Free market means by definition a lack of proper transparency, accountability and oversight which means corruption, theft and piracy can reign free leading to an inefficient allocation of resources. Fair market means optimum allocation of resources still with market deciding.

Free market is socialist, cabalistic and tyrannical in nature as the biggest dictate market conditions whereas fair market is the most democratic.

People who advocate free market instead of fair market are therefore secret socialists, and communists and tyrants and mouthpieces for big business and enemies of freedom, justice, liberty and democracy.

Job creators vs. Fair work providers

Plantation owners is another name for job creators. Sweat shop owners is another name for job creators. There has been far too much leniency on the nihilists masquerading as neo-cons when they excrete the phrase “job creators” in defense of those that bribe them and control them. 

Fair work and is key. Creating jobs is a statistic. But creating fair work providers means real jobs, not fake and part time jobs.  So we need to hold these talking heads and nihilists to account with their lies. 

True capitalism of trust vs crony-debtism

The present system is not capitalism it is crony-debtism. As we said earlier, True Capitalism is based on trust. The present system does not represent any of the basic principles of true capitalism and fair market principles whatsoever. Instead, we are dealing with closed and rigged markets, rigged capital and artificial scarcity practices controlled by monopolization of capital. That’s the present model of Wall St and it is crony-debtism. 

The Ucadia Financial System

OK, I promised I was not going to read the whole document (here)  introducing the Ucadia Financial System and I hold to that promise.  Instead, I am just going to read the overview.  As to the rest of the Ucadia Financial System, I will let the document (here)  speak for itself. But as to what it is, why it will work, let me read the introduction from the document to you now:

The Ucadia Financial System (“UFS”) is a comprehensive and almost fully-implemented “global financial system” of Laws, Trusts, Property, Treasuries, Banks, Entities, Products, Currencies, Accounts, Registers, Markets and Exchanges capable of underwriting, or amalgamating or successfully replacing the present financial systems of a city, state, nation or region within a matter of weeks from project commencement. Developed over eighteen (18) years in conjunction with the Ucadia Model of Efficient and Sustainable Societies, the UFS is the most advanced, stable and sustainable financial system ever conceived capable of full automation and autonomous self correction without the need for government, agency or statutory intervention.

Most importantly, the UFS is specifically designed to immediately eliminate the possibility of theft, corruption, unjust wealth redistribution, sabotage of national wealth, runaway inflation, depression and recessions as well as unsustainable speculative bubbles. This is accomplished (in part) by the first Scientific Standard Model of Money whereby the necessary apparatus of a financial system, similar to the model of the elementary particles of physics (such as sub atomics, atoms and molecules), function and operate concurrently and complementary to each other, but yet with separate base units and measures.

By utilizing the four key components of currency management defined by the Ucadia Banking Code being Currency Register, Currency Account, Currency Ledger and Currency Manifest: once a unit of value is created, it cannot be destroyed; every unit of value can be instantly seen and its present account location known; the history of all transactions are transparent to the system and the history of each unit through its manifest is also known. Such knowledge of the precise provenance, velocity and personality of money means the safeguards within the UFS are able to automatically fine tune the balance of demand and supply of credit into the system to fulfill the above mentioned claims.

Never before have policy makers, law makers, political and administrative leaders had such a system capable of implementing the efficient flow of capital and trade within markets and economies. Never before have industry and financial leaders had the opportunity of implementing a failsafe system capable of eliminating waste and maximizing sustainable prosperity. While some of the elements of the UFS may be new or different, there is no question the UFS represents the most advanced, comprehensive financial system ever conceived and fully capable of addressing and permanently solving the most pressing financial difficulties of cities, states, nations and regions.

No one can say there is no superior alternative or choice

So if you read the introduction on the Ucadia Financial System beyond this introduction you will see the details on the twelve key elements as well as the currencies and some historical diagrams on the origin of the global economic system.

Most importantly, these elements exist now and are ready now. And no one can say they do not exist and that there is no superior alternative or choice.  Whether people choose or not is up to them. At the moment, the talking heads on TV and cable news are telling the mentally insane holding nations hostage what they want to hear and so they are talking to themselves.

Whatever unfolds, the Ucadia Financial System is a legitimate model that addresses the fundamental problems with complex financial systems and does so honoring the Golden Rule and Rule of Law.

So thank you for reading and listening and for those of you who continue to please help and support Ucadia despite the existing system deliberately draining your energy and making it harder for you to make ends meet.

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