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Wake-up call: Confronting the abuse of power head-on

A collective consciousness taking hold accepts no outcome other than change

Gerald Celente

The future has never been clearer. If societies continue on the current path set by major political leaders, financial powers, multinational interests and military forces, we can forecast with full confidence that tomorrow will bring more sorrow than joy, more hardship than prosperity, more war than peace, more physical and mental illness than strong bodies and sound minds.

Current events form future trends. It’s all there for those wishing to open their eyes, ears and minds to understand how and why the consequences of geopolitical and socioeconomic actions taken today will shape tomorrow. It’s as simple as cause and effect. That being said, the future is not predestined.

While we make our trend forecasts based on reported facts and available data, we can’t envision underhanded schemes being cooked up behind the scenes. For example, who would have imagined the too-big-to-fail schemes to bail out failing banks, industries and financial institutions in the U.S., the world’s paragon of capitalism? Without being on the inside, who could have imagined the grand Federal Reserve QE experiment and backdoor stimulus schemes that pumped untold trillions in direct subsidies to banks, speculators and financial institutions?

And then there are the wild cards: miscalculations, scandals, terror strikes, assassinations, typhoons, floods, earthquakes, etc. These are the abstract and unpredictable factors that can derail any well-shaped trend line.

However, taking all the unknowns into consideration, we are confident in forecasting a turbulent 2014, equally infused with the potential for significant positive change and the possibility of utter social and economic misery. Absent the wild cards, a more promising future can be attained if “we the people” re-establish the true essence of the Constitution and restore the principles upon which the U.S. and other democratic nations were founded.

To those who are apathetic about restoring these vital principles, take a walk on the wild side with us and see what’s going on around the world and at home. Then decide if you want to help create the future or let others decide it for you. As the 18th-century German poet, playwright and philosopher Friedrich von Schiller observed, “In today, already walks tomorrow.”

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