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Cultural Intelligence, Officers Call
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ROBERT STEELE: I was given a front row seat next to Thomas Drake and Snowden's parents. This is one of the most extraordinary conversations I have ever absorbed. I strongly recommend it in its entirety to every person, but most particularly to those who love the Constitution and the Republic but are concerned about the lack of integrity within the US Government.

I talked for about fifteen minutes with Snowden's parents. His father is a former senior C4I Program Manager for the US Coast Guard and a total patriot. On the basis of this event my estimation of Snowden and the democratic importance of what he has done has increased from 70% to 90%.

Here are the bottom lines and the complete embedded video:

DANIEL ELLSBERG: Treason is sitting idly by being complicit in crimes against humanity and the Constitution, day after day. We need for everyone to honor their oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies, not just foreign enemies.

EDWARD SNOWDEN: The entirety of the collection of documents still being harvested for public revelation demonstate the central role of NSA in the destruction of every major element of the U.S. Constitution.

ELLSBERG & SNOWDEN TOGETHER: Secrecy is an administrative classification, not a legal mandate, and it is being used to criminalize democracy.

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