Nathan Schneider: Hacking the World – About Gabriella Coleman, Anthropologist and Aaron Swartz Among Others

Cultural Intelligence
Nathan Schneider
Nathan Schneider

Hacking the World

An anthropologist in the midst of a geek insurgency

The Chronicle Review, 1 April 2013


The success that Anonymous and WikiLeaks have had in spooking the powerful is surely part of what motivated the scare tactics used against Aaron Swartz. Such tactics won't necessarily work. Over the course of the memorial for Swartz in New York, the remembrances swelled into calls for action, and then standing ovations—against the power of corporations in the legal system, against the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, against mass incarceration. One cause led to another. The hackers were connecting the dots.

“If people experience a taste of what political action is,” Coleman said afterward, “whether it's the power of consensus, whether it's the power to change something, whether it's the power of getting media attention—they're hooked.”

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