Bojan Radej: Complex Systems Science With Wicked Humans, Smart Animals, and Communicating Plants

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Bojan Radej
Bojan Radej

I am sending you pretty inspirational paper, “Living Roadmap for Complex Systems Science: The French roadmap for complex systems: March 2008, The Complex System Society«. It is written in scientific language. I am sometimes thinking about your concepts and try to figure out how to translate them from systemic presentation to complex one. The difference may seem scholastic, but I wish to point out that this first impression is wrong. There is much deeper reason which relates not only to consistency of your concepts with the nature of the problem, but it may also contribute to essential simplification and so make an important step towards possibility for operationalisation. System theory is appropriate tool for dealing with terribly complicated challenges like building an airplane or sending mission to moon. Your challenge is more complex than complicated; complexity involves another type of elements, who are not complicated but wicked, involving human and social (political, cultural) factors. You may wish to surf the web for Cynefin framework (by Snowden) which nicely explains this.

PDF (22 Pages): CSS 2008 (French) Roadmap for Complex Systems

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