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Rick Robinson
Rick Robinson

7 steps to a Smart City

1. Define what a “Smarter City” means to you
2. Convene a stakeholder group to co-create a specific Smarter City vision; and establish governance and a credible decision-making process
3. Structure your approach to a Smart City by drawing on the available resources and expertise
4. Establish the policy framework
5. Populate a roadmap that can deliver the vision
6. Put the financing in place
7. Enable communities and engage with informality: how to make “Smarter” a self-sustaining process

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12 simple technologies for cities that are Smart, open and fair

So how do we design Smart City systems that employ technology to make cities more successful, resilient and efficient; in a way that distributes resources and creates opportunities more fairly than today?

One answer to that question is that the infrastructures and institutions of such cities should be open to citizens and businesses: accessible, understandable, adaptable and useful.

1.Broadband connectivity   .   2. Cloud computing   .   3. Mobile and Smart phones   .   4. Social media   .   5. The touchscreen   .   6. Open Source software   .   7. Intelligent hardware   .   8. Open APIs    .   9. Open Data   .   10. Open Standards   .   11. Local and virtual currencies and trading systems   .   12. Identity stores

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