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Robert Steele

I have had a blast developing an Open Source Everything Hub proposal for a major university outside the USA. The article that presents the proposal to the academic and policy worlds is under development and will be ready by 15 September. It's working title is

Open Source Everything,
Big Data & True Cost Economics:
Designing & Implementing Collaborative Democratic Capitalism

I am benefiting enormously from a wealth of unsolicited contacts and references  that stem from the profile done by Nafeez Ahmed of The Guardian, as well as the interview in IEEE Computer, and follow-on interviews across multiple channels.

As much as it breaks my heart that the US Government lacks the intelligence and integrity to grasp and embrace the ideas I have spent twenty-five years developing, I am honored and flattered now to have become a hub for so many others, and will take great care to integrate their pioneering works into the Open Source Everything Hub proposal, and the article.

I will use Economics in the title of posts that present unorthodox helpful advances in thinking about how business schools need to change along with how we think about Economics.

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