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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

(Big) Data Burping

Data integration from an old system to a new system is coded for trouble. The system swallowing the data is guaranteed to have indigestion and the only way to relieve the problem is by burping. Chez Brochez has dealt with his own share of data integration issues and in his article, “Tips and Tricks For Optimizing Oracle Endeca Data Ingestion” he details some of the best way burp.

Here he explains why he wrote the blog post:

“More than once I’ve been on a client site to try to deal with a data build that was either taking too long, or was no longer completing successfully. The handraulic analysis to figure out what was causing the issues can take a long time. The rewards however are tremendous. Not simply fixing a build that was failing, but in some cases cutting the time demand in half meant a job could be run overnight rather than scheduled for weekends. In some cases verifying with the business users what attributes are loaded and how they are interacted with can make their lives easier.”

While the post focuses on Oracle Endeca, skimming through the tips will benefit anyone working with data. Many of them are common sense, such as having data integrations do the heavy lifting in off-hours and shutting down competing programs. Others require more in-depth knowledge. It beats down to getting content into a old school system requires a couple of simple steps and lots of quite complex ones.

Whitney Grace, August 14, 2014
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