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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Google Needs To Watch A Chinese Rival

Asia appears to be the place to go for alternative search engines that are large enough to rival Google. Russia has Yandex and now China has created Baidu. Baidu, however, is now crossing oceans and is deployed in Brazil says ZDNet in “Chinese Search Engine Baidu Goes Live In Brazil.” Baidu emigrated to Brazil in 2012, launched free Web services in 2013, and this year the search engine is now available.

Baidu is the second largest search engine with 16.49 percent market share. Google has a little over 70 percent.

Baidu moved to Brazil to snag 43 million users who are predicted to get on the Internet in the next three years. The users are fresh search meet, so they will need a cheap and user-friendly platform. If Baidu gets these people in their Internet infancy, the search engine will probably have them for life.

Baidu also has government support:

“The launch of Baidu in Brazil coincided with a series of agreements between the Brazilian and Chinese governments, also made public yesterday during an official ceremony with Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff and her Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. These included the creation of a “digital city” in the remote state of Tocantins with funding provided by the Chinese Development Bank and improved partnerships with universities to support the international scholarships program of the Brazilian government.

Foreign search engines are sneaking up on Google. The monopoly has not toppled yet, but competition is increasing. Google ramps up its battle with Samsung for a smartwatch skirmish. Microsoft could up the ante if they offered Microsoft Office Suite free to rival Google’s free software.

Whitney Grace, August 06, 2014
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