Mary Ellen Bates: The Indispensable Librarian

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Mary Ellen Bates
Mary Ellen Bates

The Indispensable Librarian [57 Slides]

Mary Ellen Bates

Sep 11, 2014

What’s the value of priceless? Special libraries return $5.43 for every $1 invested.

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The Indispensable Librarian The Indispensable Librarian Presentation Transcript

  • The Indispensable Librarian Mary Ellen Bates 10 Sept 2014
  • QUICK POLL How much value does the library add for your organisation? • Not much value • Some value • A lot of value • I don’t know 10
  • ARE we adding value? Do info pros add “a lot of value”? Info pros: 55% say yes Execs: 34% say yes 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Info pros Execs 11
  • 12
  • Execs’ top 5 info pain points Info overload Filtering through retrieved info Relevancy of info Up-to-date info Timeliness of info 13
  • We need insight, not just data 14
  • ARE we adding value? Biggest disconnects: Decision-ready information Relationship mindset Communication of value Proactively ID info needs 15
  • Seeing ourselves as indispensable 16
  • Can you answer these??? • What are your clients’ biggest pain points? • How do your clients describe your library’s services? • What do you do that changes someone’s outcome? 17
  • Indispensable info pros What are you to the bottom line? Overhead to be controlled OR Involved in accomplishing strategic goals 18
  • Indispensable info pros Do you track examples of your impact? What changed as a result of your work? 19
  • Indispensable info pros Do you know your organisation’s strategic goals for 2014? Are you visibly contributing to those goals? 20
  • To reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and to inspire millions of others to do the same. Macmillan Cancer Support Kate Arnold 21
  • We provide practical legal advice, along with exceptional client service, and we are renowned in Australia for our down-to- earth and friendly culture. Lander & Rogers Alice Anderson 22
  • [P]roviding effective and timely legal results, performing as an integrated team and drawing on proven expertise to best fulfil our clients’ needs. Piper Alderman Lynne Barrington 23
  • Talking about value 24
  • What’s the value of priceless? Special libraries return $5.43 for every $1 invested Where is YOUR compelling value statement? 25
  • 26
  • “So, what do you do?” I’m a librarian I help people find information I provide high-end information services I enable the discovery of insight 27
  • Boring messages We save you time/money …to do what??? We have authoritative sources but we already expect that We provide information research blah, blah, blah 28
  • Promote, don’t defend! “The web doesn’t have everything” “The web isn’t reliable” “We give you insight, not just a search result.” 29
  • When you describe yourself… Is it a WHAT or HOW? or is it a WHY? “We search premium databases” or “We provide insights from the outside” 30
  • HOW or WHY? “We provide research services” or “We help staff make better decisions” “We are experts in finding and organising information” or “We make critical research findable” 31
  • Emulate the pros See how info companies describe their value… their WHY Benefit from their investment! 32
  • Dialog helps organisations across the globe seek competitive advantage. LexisNexis enables you to attract more, higher quality clients. Elsevier helps customers advance science and health by providing world-class information. 33
  • Finding the Wow! “What are your biggest challenges right now?” “What’s keeping you from your biggest goals?” “What would you change in how you make decisions / do your work?” “What keeps you awake at night?” 34
  • Clients only ask you to do what they think you can do. 35
  • 5 ways to invent information 36
  • BYOD: BUILD Your Own Data Search set counts Count mentions of topic over time {topic} AND 2014 {topic} AND 2013 {topic} AND 2012 37
  • BYOD: BUILD Your Own Data Search set counts Count mentions of topic over time {topic} AND 2014 {topic} AND 2013 {topic} AND 2012 38
  • BYOD: BUILD Your Own Data Google Auto-Complete What are lots of people thinking? Monitor your org’s reputation How can you respond? 39
  • 40
  • Google Trends Frequency of search queries over time Narrow by country or local area Also news reference points 41
  • How would you answer this? Show me how people’s use of the word energy changes over time 43
  • “energy” searches 2014 44
  • “energy” searches 2007 45
  • 46 2014 2007 duke energy energy drink kinetic energy solar energy xcel energy progress energy solar energy energy star energy drink wind energy potential energy duke energy renewable energy
  • Pull out what’s noteworthy 47
  • Create a time line The history of turducken 48
  • “But they don’t listen!” Trouble-shooting guide: • Audience—WHO you are talking to • Message—WHAT you say • Method—HOW & WHERE you say it • Timing—WHEN & HOW OFTEN you talk with your market 49
  • Telling your story 50
  • Telling your story It’s not all about you Benefits, not features Results, not activity 51
  • Telling your story It’s your job to sell, not their job to buy If they don’t get it, try other approaches Can your brother / neighbor / spouse tell your story? 52
  • Elevator speeches 53
  • Die, elevator speeches, die! Once upon a time… 54 54
  • Elevator ping-pong A 3-second hook AED (defib) salesperson: “I sell human jumper cables” MEB: “My business is to create my best competition” MEB: “I help my clients look brilliant” 55
  • Elevator ping-pong A 3-second hook Info pro: “I’m the one who squeezes the library into your smartphone” Info pro: “I find what Google can’t find” Info pro: “I make Google smarter” 56
  • Fill in the Q&A blanks… You know how {describe pain point, in one breath}? Well, I {describe what your clients get, in one breath} 57
  • Q&A example You know what it’s like to walk into a key donor’s office and get blindsided? Well, I can brief you the morning of the appointment with the latest on your donor. 58
  • Q&A example Do you wonder whether you are missing key research? Well, we have ________________ 59
  • Tell a 3-sentence story The situation What your client got What happened for your client 60
  • Tell a 3-sentence story 1. Describe your client’s situation My client was reviewing jurors for a trial. 61
  • Tell a 3-sentence story 2. What does your client get from you? I monitored the jurors’ social media profiles and found a juror discussing the case. 62
  • Tell a 3-sentence story 3. What does your client do as a result? As a result of my work, we were able to remove a juror opposed to our client. 63
  • Our message: Librarians have strategic info resources Librarians are strategic info experts Librarians are strategic assets 64
  • and remember… 65
  • Reluctant-entrepreneur. com 66

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